Flashbang Science was conceived from a mixture of 25 years experience in the Chemical Industry across an array of specialities within both blue chip companies to technology start ups and the understanding of the importance of stimulating young people's minds to the importance of scientific learning, an area with decreased visibility but with still a huge part to play in many areas of future economic growth.

The company is built on two major pretexts, that of providing hands on experiences and also of showing children that science is an exciting, thought provoking subject with which interaction can be hugely enjoyable and satisfying. The ability to make young people interested in this subject matter meant that a new way of learning needed to be developed and Flashbang Science has successfully succeeded in doing this.

Flashbang Science is a mobile lab which can give your science project that all important WOW factor. Whether it's a school, birthday party, scout or guide hut, the experience is the same...fun and knowledge.

The business offers fun, "hands on" practical sessions for children. The children walk into the lab, don their coats and become scientists for the session. Flashbang focuses on a mix of physics and chemistry, teaching children in a new exciting and informative way. All the sessions are handled by professional scientists who are CRB checked.

Claire is proud to say that just this week Flashbang has launched a new online educational game called "Tubes". Designed to allow children to interact and learn in a way they wouldn't yet have experienced, the feeling of having fun whilst learning is the perfect concept.

Being a fairly new business there are still other areas within the current model that Claire would like to explore with website interaction being paramount in her thoughts. The options are endless and as the business grows as do the opportunities to envelop the current success and drive it in different directions, each of which will only add to the current successful business model.

Claire's business history has allowed her to develop the correct techniques through understanding, practical experience and most importantly knowledge that maybe the way the subject matter is currently being taught has not developed over the years. To take away the misconceived impressions built up of science was her main objective.

Through a number of management and consultancy roles in high turnover businesses Claire has not only developed from her initial role as a Chemical Engineer but has successfully managed a number of projects and teams within high turnover businesses in a range of situations. (see notes)

Claire has an extremely strong commercial and operational background, and specific experience in developing business organisations, implementing high end strategies with proven success in developing creative business deals.

Over the past 15 years she has worked in senior management positions within large businesses such as Zeneca, Avecia and Fujifilm, where she was tasked with the responsibility of running the Electrophotography business with a turnover of $23 million.

After a brief stint as Commercial Director of a high end technology company, Claire now works as a Consultant Business Advisor for Technology start ups, hence allowing her move into her own flourishing business, Flashbang Science, the winner of a recent Innovation Award at the Rossendale Business Awards and the Lancashire County Enterprise "Give it a Go" award.

The North West and particularly Lancashire has always thrived on its reputation for industry, both technological and scientific and Claire sees the area as an immediate focal point for her new ground breaking business. Enabling young children to step into hyperthetical arenas that their Grandparents once trod whilst learning in a hugely fun environment is a huge positive for Claire, whilst not taking away the potential for Flashbang Science to be rolled out in other areas throughout the UK.

There has always been a thought process that says good ideas do not stay a secret for long and the opportunity to franchise this business nationwide is a very real option, which, given the current reaction in the market place may arrive sooner than one may think.