Frequently asked questions

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Is Flashbang Science a registered company?

Yes. Our Company Registration Number is 07055670.

Will you only cater for children aged 8-11?

No, this is the initial target group. Children aged between 4 — 16 will be considered dependent on activity.

What does 'CRB checked' mean?

CRB stands for Criminal Records Bureau. Any person who works with children or vulnerable adults must be CRB checked first. As Flashbang Science works with children all our professional scientists have been CRB checked.

Will there be a lot of flashes and a lot of bangs?

Yes, but all in a controlled manner. A safety policy and a full risk assessment have been carried out to ensure the safety of all children who take part in a Flashbang session.

Is Flashbang Science VAT registered?


Is Flashbang Science a real lab?

Yes! Flashbang is a fully functioning laboratory. Delivered to your doorstep, Flashbang is "hands on" fun for children. It is an environment where children will create experiments and be amazed at the instant results.

Can I book Flashbang Science for an event?

Yes. We are not restricted to primary schools, birthday parties or scout groups as mentioned throughout our website. Any event whether it be solely Flashbang or part of someone else's event, we can help. This includes drop-in or scheduled sessions. We are extremely flexible. We're here for you.

Which areas does Flashbang Science cover?

Flashbang is available in Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and West Yorkshire.

How early do I need to book a Flashbang Science session?

We would recommend booking as soon as you have a date or dates in mind. This will avoid any disappointment.

How do I contact Flashbang Science?

You can contact us in the following ways:
Website: Here on our website
Address: Flashbang Science Limited;
Trickling Water Barn,
Great House Avenue,
Holcombe Road,
BB4 4AL.
Facebook: Find us on Facebook
Twitter: Follow us on Twitter

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What do I need to play Flashbang Tubes?

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