Flashbang Science at Insider High Growth Fund Breakfast

Friday, February 22, 2012
Claire Holt, Founder of Flashbang Science, addressing a packed audience at The Brockholes Centre.

Claire Holt, Founder of Flashbang Science, addressed a packed audience at The Brockholes Centre where the agenda for the morning was about how companies will grow their business and what role funding will play in this development.

Claire said:

"Flashbang Science is a business that takes Science to Primary Schools in a mobile science laboratory with Scientists delivering the experiments with the children. We visit many schools in the North West and reach out to schools in rural areas.
"My aim is to grow the number of mobile laboratories to 3 units so that we can really help more children to be interested in this very important subject. A lot of companies in the North West benefit from the skills that science brings to their workplace. It is vital that we see more businesses getting involved in sponsoring schools and getting more involved at an early stage.
"I am also looking for funding as I am presently developing a range of educational games to retain the involvement and interest of the children."