Here's some of the feedback we've received at Flashbang Science so far. To experience "reactions" of your own, why not book a party or invite us to your school?

What do Teachers and other Adults think of us so far? (*22 feedback forms received)
  • 69% rated us 5 out of 5 for Organisation and Management of the science sessions (the other 31% scored us 4 out of 5)
  • 95% scored us 5 out of 5 for Pupil Enjoyment
  • 73% ranked us 5 out of 5 for Educational Value (90% gave us 4 out of 5 or better)
  • 73% gave us 5 out of 5 for Value for Money (the rest rated us 4 out of 5)
  • 100% said they would have another Flashbang Science visit
So what do the Children think? (*42 feedback forms received)
  • 98% gave us 5 out of 5 for Enjoyment of the session
  • 90% said they liked Science more after the Flashbang Science visit
  • 70% said they would think about Science as a career now
  • 100% said they would have another Flashbang Science visit
St. Josephs, Barnoldswick

"It was fantastic. I loved to do the battery."

—Adrienna Grabiec

"Thank you for the visit. I want to be an engineer for a half term job."

— Simon Hickey

"It was really good fun. I have a different attitude to science now."

— Jennifer Luby

"It was an excellent job you did. It made me want to do more science everyday."

— Sophie Edwards

"Thank you for coming and great explaining things!"

— Breya Marsden

"I loved it, thankyou. You explained it well. I would love for you to come again."

— Emily

"You are both lovely ladies and I really enjoyed Flashbang Science. Maybe you could have showed us a video before we did the experiments, then we can see what will happen."

— Anna Walton, Rosita Krylowiez, Ella

"Thank you for coming, I really enjoyed the lab and loved the assembly."

— Harry Carter

"Thank you for showing us the Chip Shop Battery. I would never have thought you could make it like that. The big bottle with alcohol in and it went up in a massive flame was awesome."

— Isobelle Molloy, Class 5

"Thank you so much for coming into our school. It was agreat experience and definitely made me want to do more science. One day when I'm older I would like to do experiments myself. I hope to see you again as you have inspired me to do more science."

— Alice Gane, Class 5

"All staff and children enjoyed the workshops- children were excited and it promoted planty of discussion. The day ran smoothly, everything was well prepared and time keeping excellent."

— Sarah Clarke, Assistant Head, St. Wilfrids Primary School

"We are all still buzzing about your visit. Please pass on our thanks to your brilliant staff who were so good with our pupils."

— Sheila Peers, TLR, Newfield Special School

"Fantastic practical experience for all involved. It will encourage us to try a more creative approach towards investigations."

— Paul Farina, Science Coordinator, Holy Trinity

"Experiments were enjoyed by the children. They loved being 'hands on'."

— Miss Marsden, Y5 class teacher, Holy Trinity

"Thanks for a very enjoyable and educational visit. Enjoyable and entertaining with great scientific content."

— Diane Aldridge, Science Leader, Astley Park

"The children loved the hands on practical science experiments and learnt so much about their senses. It was an amazing day."

"An excellent day with a wide variety of experiments to suit all the children."

— Rebecca Keating, Y1 class teacher, Pool House PS

"Children enjoyed the experiments and wearing the lab coats. They loved going in the lab."

— Mrs. F. Bennett, Pool House PS

"Children enjoyed it. Reception age did not get all scientific language but have been made aware of lots of things.."

— E. McGoughan, Reception Teacher, Pool House PS

"The activities were pitched at the correct level for our pupils. They were all able to access the activities. Very enjoyable."

— Rachel Hadfield, Science Coordinator, Crosshill Special School

"Thank you so much for coming. Please come again."

— Kayleigh Lynch, Yr9, Crosshill Special School

"Fun and Interesting. Wonderful Idea! Keep it up.."

— Science Leader, Tonacliffe Primary School

"We recently held a science day for KS2 at our school. Flash Bang Science facilitated workshops throughout the day, along with 2 assemblies to begin and end the day."

— St. Andrews CE School

"The children loved it. We wanted a day to bring science to life, and to excite the children in the subject. Claire and Rose captured exactly what we were looking for."

— Jodie Neville, Science Coordinator, St. Andrews CE School

"Their manner with the children was brilliant; the experiments were exciting (with flashes and bangs!) but also encouraged the children to do some scientific thinking and and question why things were happening."

— St. Andrews CE School

"I loved that it was so interactive and so well organised. We all enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I really liked the way the instructions were set out and used."

— Mrs. Harrop, St. Christophers Primary School

"A great session - staff were excellent with the children. I wish we had had longer."

"It was stimulating, practical hands on and fun. The children learnt lots. The follow on assembly was superb and wonderful that activities Y2 had done were referred to.."

— Mrs. Platt, Y2 Teacher, St. Christophers Primary School

"I liked everything with you."

— Corey Ellis, St. Christophers Primary School

"I like using the speakers."

— Michael Williams, St. Christophers Primary School

"Thanks for everything you did. And best of all you brought me closer to science."

— Louis Sharp, St. Christophers Primary School

"It was very interesting and you were clear on the instructions."

— Kate Douglas, St. Christophers Primary School

Lily's Birthday

"Wide variety of experiments, well organised, age appropriate, children had a great time"

"Appreciated the site visit before the party. Lovely gesture bringing Lily a present."

—Julia, Lily's Mum

"I had lots of fun doing lots and lots of science. I liked the jelly baby experiment best."


Audley Junior School

"I really liked Flashbang Science when we wore the goggles"

"I really thought that the Flashbang Science was hilarious"

"I really enjoyed Flashbang Science because the experiments were incredible"

"I really like Flashbang Science because we did our own experiments"

"I enjpyed making my own toothpaste"

"The experiments were really good so I like science now"

"I really enjoyed Flashbang Science so I would like to do it again"

"I really enjoyed Flashbang Science so now I want to be a scientist and try an experiment of my own"

—Year 3 Pupils

"The children were very enthused and impressed by the visit as were the staff"

"Maybe Flashbang Science can generate data for use in science or maths lessons"

"All the children loved the demonstration in the hall and want to see more amazing experiments"

—Mrs Nutter, Senior Teacher

"How much the children & staff enjoyed the session it was pitched just at the right level and was thoroughly enjoyed by all."

— Linda Connelly, Headteacher, Staghills Children's Centre

"We had such a good week and Flashbang complemented and added to the week superbly."

— Jan Potter, Headteacher, Ribby with Wrea CE Primary School

"We came back to do some more sound activities and set up our own exhibits. You would have loved the science they came up with and the questioning they have developed. They had longed to do this when they saw you do it in assembly! It made me realise how positive the day had been."

— Alison Groves, Yr5 teacher and Science Coordinator, St. John the Baptist RC Primary, Padiham

"It was lots of fun and Outrageous Ooze was my favourite experiment."

— Morgan, RL Hughes Primary Yr5

"Flashbang is brilliant and teaches you lots."

— Cobey, RL Hughes Primary Yr5

"Flashbang Science is well good, they are brilliant."

— Amy, RL Hughes Primary Yr5

"They thought it was fantastic."

— Melanie Hurst, Yr 5 Teacher, RL Hughes Primary

"We like science much more now, we would like more explosions."

— Morgan Sharkey/Max Hayhurst, St. James the Less

"The children thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on experience and wearing the lab coats. Thanks for coming in at such short notice."

— Judith Boardman, Science Coordinator, St. James the Less

"It's brilliant and fun."

— Billy Furlong, Madens Childrens Centre

"Very educational made in a fun way. We had a fantastic time and was a good workshop to have outside."

— Vanessa Reeves, Play time assistant, Madens Childrens Centre

"They loved it especially the Brainiac style experiments, it would have been nice to have longer."

— Helen Dean, Yr6 Teacher, Foxhill Primary School

"Science is now more important and exciting. I liked chemistry and explosions best."

— Helen, Foxhill Primary School

"The children really enjoyed the workshop, they thought it was fun."

— Susan Bray, Teaching Assistant, Healey Foundation Primary

"It's fun when it's practical, it isn't just serious, it's fun as well."

— Yr 6 Group together, Healey Foundation Primary

"The children loved the workshop. All staff thought it was really good."

— P. Kermosschuk, Yr 5 Teacher, Shibden Head Primary School

"We really liked the Elephants Toothpaste and the exploding film cannisters."

— Year 5, Shibden Head Primary School

"Fun. Better than at school, really interesting."

— Ella, at Charlotte's birthday party

"Fantastic combination of hands on and exciting demonstrations."

— Sean Burke, at Charlotte's birthday party

"It was very enjoyable and the children would have like longer doing experiments."

— Kelly Newton, Yr 4 Teacher, St. Wilfrids Primary

"Its exciting and fun."

— Caitlin Marshall, Britannia CP School

"It was the most fun science lesson we have ever had."

— Fazeela, Lomeshaye Junior Yr5

"I learnt things about chemicals and how they reacted was amazing."

— Ibraheem, Lomeshaye Junior Yr5

"The children enjoyed the activities which were done in such an engaging way that the children remembered well what they learnt."

— Class Teacher, Lomeshaye Junior school

"All the children enjoyed taking part and were kept busy. They were eager to listen and amazed to see how science works."

— Teaching Assistant, Lomeshaye Junior school

"An engaging and fun way to 'do' science. All children of all abilities could participate.. Really professional, well organised, thank you."

— Jo Bradley, Deputy Head, Lomeshaye Junior school

"I really enjoyed the cabbage magic , I even got my Mum to get me red cabbage for home to try my own."

— Nimra, Lomeshaye Junior Yr3

"My favourite was the cabbage magic."

— Momeena, Lomeshaye Junior Yr3

"Science is brilliant."

— Sohaib, Lomeshaye Junior Yr3

"I really like the bit where we could do things."

— Sadiya Qamar, Lomeshaye Junior Yr4

"I love Flashbang Science , especially the part where we did something."

— Ali Zeb, Lomeshaye Junior Yr4

"Science has become more interesting because you do more cool and interesting experiments."

— Wasfah Zeb, Lomeshaye Junior Yr5

"The session activated my older child who otherwise did not want to attend."

— Lisa Porter, Parent, Mount Pleasant Childrens Centre

"Excellent fun for all the family especially Dads. Fantastic Morning, the kids had a ball."

— Laura Swarbrick, Outreach Worker, Whitegate Childrens Centre

"The children enjoyed the workshop and were very excited when they recounted their experience. Many were motivated to think about possible university courses in science subjects and future careers which may involve science."

— Trish Burns, Assistant Head, Peel Park Primary

"The children were buzzing! They absolutely loved the demonstrations and were certainly inspired — thank you."

— Mrs P C Macro, Head Teacher, Saint Veronica's RC Primary School

"I thought the workshop was very well presented and very professional, both fun and informative for all who attended and a great way to learn about science... The workshop was so well received and enjoyed by the families that we have booked the workshops as part of a wider summer activity plan."

— Nigel Hopkinson, Family Involvement Manager, The Maden Centre

"Awesome, fantastic, spectacular...were some of the words the children used to describe the afternoon with you. I couldn't believe how much you managed to cover in the afternoon! Thank you so much for so generously giving up your time and inspiring the children."

— Nicola Crompton, Reception Teacher, Carnforth North Road Primary School

"It was very interesting and I would like another visit."

— Rohan Haworth, St. Paul's Constable Lee Yr5/6


— Jordan Fortune, St. Paul's Constable Lee Yr5/6

"Thanks for your efforts - very enjoyable. It was exciting and reminded them of daily science in the home."

— Gordon Preston, Science Coordinator, St. Pauls Constable Lee

"The day was a great and memorable way to begin our sound topic giving a good foundation to build on."

— Holly Begolo, Yr 5 Teacher, St. James the Less