As the majority of Primary schools do not have laboratory facilities, Flashbang is the perfect solution to your practical science requirements.

Taking children out of school on excursions can be time consuming, costly and a logistical and safety nightmare. As Flashbang drives straight to your door we will relieve you of all these headaches. There will be no travel time; extra insurance; coach hire or additional teacher cover. The whole experience for you will be effortless.

Behind the fun of Flashbang there is something important to remember. When you consider that in 20 years time we will need 50% more food in the world for our growing population, we will have the continuing challenge of hygiene (combating the flu's that evolve) and medicine. Also we have to address sustainable energy and waste management, all of which are key responsibilities for the primary school-aged children of today. This is why Flashbang is dedicated to encouraging children in the wonders and potential of science.

We believe science should be available to all primary schools regardless of size, academic ability or financial means, and it will be complimentary and facilitatory to the National Curriculum.

Flashbang's unique selling points are:

  • Custom built mobile lab on your doorstep. A controlled environment within school grounds (no travel, set up or downtime costs for schools)
  • Schools don't need to allocate room/space within the building
  • Sessions are run by scientists/engineers
  • We demonstrate and explain the magic behind chemistry and physics and how it links to real everyday life
  • Aimed specifically but not exclusively at primary school children
  • Independent (i.e. no private company bias)
  • Real science handled and managed by professional scientists
  • Progressive and tailored experiments for each school year; examples of demonstration experiments include Elephants Toothpaste, Mentos Volcano, Antiseptic Rainbow, Screaming Jelly Baby

For your fun science experience book here now! Alternatively email us should you wish to discuss your booking in more detail.

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Flashbang Science...

— Erin Wilson, Year 5

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