Sponsor a School

Do you want to make a positive difference to the community in which your business operates? You can! Simply 'Sponsor a School'.

What is Sponsor a School?

'Sponsor a School' is a scheme which has been introduced to help all primary schools receive science sessions. Rather than a school pay for a day of Flashbang fun, local businesses pay instead, continuing the assurance that all primary children are provided with an opportunity to learn the excitement of science.

Flashbang Science is committed to supporting local communities through our 'Sponsor a School' scheme. We believe a small action makes a big difference.

Before 'Sponsor a School' was introduced science was not deemed a priority in a young child's education. Government cuts increased a strain on what and how students were taught. But thanks to you and businesses like yours, all primary schools can now enjoy science in its curriculum.

How can I Sponsor a School?

It's easy, simply email us or contact us via our website.

Who else will benefit?

You! Not only will you provide a lifeline to your local primary school but you will also be able to take advantage of Flashbang's offer to promote your company. Whether it be:

  • Brand sponsorship on Flashbang Website
  • Logo on all relevant daily material (e.g. handouts, etc.)
  • Link from Flashbang online through to company site
  • Extensive local press opportunities
  • Photos and testimonials from staff to be posted on business site
  • Opportunities to be present at the school on the day

Make a difference... Sponsor a School today.

Photo of Young Scientists
Illustration: Mixing Chemicals