Who we are

Claire Holt B.Sc (Hons). CEng. MIChemE - Founder and Managing Director, has 25 years experience in the chemical industry across organic, pharmaceuticals, fragrances, agrochemicals, specialty chemicals and in global blue chip companies through to technology start ups. As a mother of two, Claire understands the importance of stimulating children's minds especially into scientific investigation, questioning and learning for the future benefit of society.

Andrew Tabron - Financial Manager, is vastly experienced having worked across a broad spectrum of companies, businesses and industries, including working for non profit businesses. With an MBA from Manchester Business School, Andrew offers a breadth of knowledge for business management.

Rose Kearney - Administration Manager, is a tremendously organised and efficient administrator not only in the banking industry with which she has 28 years work experience but also in the local Rossendale community. Like Claire, Rose is a mother of two with a drive to improve regional regeneration for future generations.

Stephen Higgins - IT & Communications Development. As an extremely talented technical IT professional, Stephen previously contributed to the success of a start up web design company. Now working as an independent Stephen brings an extraordinary talent to Flashbang Science.

Andrew Holt - Company Director, has 30 years experience in the chemical industry and has worked on various school education programmes in this period. Andrew has a passion for getting children interested in science as young as possible.

Over the years Claire has built up a strong network of like minded professional colleagues who wish to give their scientific enthusiasm and knowledge back to society.

"We want to give back to the North West. I started off my career as a chemical engineer 25+ years ago here in the North West. This is a region which has supported and nurtured me across a variety of chemical companies. Having seen huge changes in the industry during this time, for the worse on the whole, our goal is to regenerate the area in jobs for future generations by stimulating interest in science at early formative years. Together we can do it."